by sugar sk*-*lls

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dada eh bebe 05:18
caught up in a tidal wave under a blue cocoon, open up the coral gates and let it wash on through. feel the pull that' s pulling you into the mouth of stars. find a crown of yellow ink and bind it up in zinc, taste the kiss of cinnamon from the prince of dues. feel the pull that's pulling you into the mouths of stars. i know that you have seen it all so i'll just float away.
i think your horse is hot- i hear it breathing hard it needs another taste. you've been away too long and now there's something wrong- the well is dry. and in the quiet there i saw your double there-bound and tied. all the words you spoke, they form a grove of trees, where the shadows sleep and never rise, i have known you there i have seen your eyes-little rings of fire, like a broken spire: there's no way, away, there's no way, a way out.
where should it begin, a line that never ends? how can you be sure? the symmetry of chance, drawn by circumstance? to mend a sinking ship-board by board at sea. how can you be sure? forever lost to trace the borders of the frame: a secret pool of white, a waterfall of light... you swallowed it in two's, the season of the moon.
boy games 03:39
they couldn't go there without the knife, the knife that the moon dredged up from the tides, its handle was hidden, the blade was a flame. it floated beside them in search of a bride: oh no. under the bright leaves the meeting was set, you went there together, but they left you alone, digging the blade in it started to flow, your heart opened up to the kiss of the tide: oh no
hazy, she is 03:39
creeping like the moonlit fog, your eyes shine like two black dogs. tell me tell me and please be true, are you going to see this through? tell me tell me and please be true, is that what you're going to do? if you wake the wind up and it shakes the pines, when you wake the pines up, the wind speaks to me. and all of your secrets will be known to me.
run off 02:47
tethers 03:30
i am stardust descended down, i am born of the trampled ground, i am known by what i displace, a hundred thousand rings of light all tangled up in chains, underneath my window paine where the cold wind blows, i have no name i have not made, i made a game i cannot play, it is almost a riddle in disguise, a hundred thousand rings of light all tangled up in chains, underneath my window paine where the cold wind blows.
there is a doorway around here somewhere, maybe it's underneath the ivy in the shade, maybe it's golden and maybe it's grey. it's been a little while since i came this way. out in the middle of the center of the lake, i saw a shadow there, yeah maybe it's a snake. i don't mind if you don't mind, or we can stay away. rain, rain in the morning and rain at night. coming down in three's, coming down on the leaves, that is the key to english gardening


recorded in a handful of days over the course of a year, getting deep with my gameboy


released June 7, 2013

recorded/produced by Loney Hutchins. mastered by Jeremy Ferguson. music and lyrics by Ben Marcantel


all rights reserved



sugar sk*-*lls Nashville, Tennessee

ecstatic explorations in dream time

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